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12V Rangehood DUOETTO MK2 Water Heater
S/tinless steel - square or round switches Pressure fan illuminated switcher, twin
filters. Available in standard and Flushmount The Australian designed and approved Duoetto 585mm wide x 55mm high x 305mm deep MK2 offers selectable temperatures between 30-
Suburban Gas & 240volt Hotwater Service
Swift Rangehood Standard - 5325 Swift Rangehood Flushmount- 5326
Stainless Steel Rangehood
This classy Stainless Steel 12v range hood features twin turbo extraction fans and dual low energy LED down lights. Also features a removable filter for easy cleaning and illuminated touch controls. 586mm(l) x 305mm(w) x 60mm(h
Stainless Steel Rangehood - 5340
Rangehood 12V Front CK155
The Dometic CK 155 has a compact fan,
with two fan speeds, which is equipped
with a 12 V motor. The fan is integrated
into the roof dome and not into the unit
itself to optimize air ow and perfor-
mance. Suitable for both conventional
and pop top caravans.
CK155 - 5360
Rangehood 12V Built in CK150
The Dometic CK 150 has a compact fan
which is equipped with a 12 V motor.
The fan is integrated into the roof dome
and not into the unit itself to optimize
air ow and performance. The CK 150 is
suitable for both conventional and pop
top caravans. 71mm H x 401mm W x 165mm D
Ck150 -5370
75oC on 240v and a  xed temperature of 70°C on 12v so that you can shower, wash, cook, clean and enjoy abundant hot water.
Speci cations: Compact size: 409mm x 262mm x 267mm Rated Capacity: 10L Rated Voltage: 12v (25A, 300W) and/or 240v (4.6A, 1000W
Duoetto - 5380
Anode Tube Spanner
Anode & heater element tool allows you to remove Suburban anode rods and heater elements. Easily replace your anodes and ele- ments.
Each end is 1 1/2′′ and the other is 1 1/16′′
Height: 320mm Wide: 320mm Depth: 500mm
Capacity 22.5 litres, double porcelain lined tensile tank with anode rod. Anode available seperately.
Gas - 5397 Gas/Electric - 5398 Anode - 5399 Anode Blister - 5399B
Gas/Electric Water Heater
Anode Tube Spanner - 5389
Suburban Heating Element
28 Litre Capacity Dual fuel, Gas and/or Electric Operation Patent and design registration High Capacity Delivery Stainless Steel tank Tubular Anode Voltage Gas 12volt DC, Electric 1000watt
Gas/Electric Water Heater - 5401
Truma Hot Water Service
Element 1440 watt 240 Volt for Subur- ban hot water heater
Suburban 240v Heating Element -5390
Suburban Hot Water Service Pressure Cleaner Flushes away residue build-up inside your hot water service. This will help your hot water system last longer and to operate more efficiently.
When next changing
the anode in your hot water system, connect a standard hose to this tank cleaner for a high pressure clean of your HWS.
Suburban High Pressure Washer - 5396
Available with gas only and with combined gas-electric. Both models feature 12 volt electronic remote ignition on gas and a stainless steel tank. 14 litres water storage.
Gas - 5405 Gas/240V - 5410
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