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Aquacube Logic
Aquacube Shower Stand
The Aquacube shower stand is designed to attach to your Aquacube® Logic and Digital portable hot water shower units. It can also be used with other water pumps or directly connected to your standard garden hose!
Aquacube Shower Stand - 5436
Eco Instant Hot Water
ECO Premium water saving efficency. 2.4L/min. Will operate on pump pressure. Low cost with simple installation. 12 months replacement warranty. Certificates SAA.EMC. Standard 1⁄2inch fitting. Compact size 230mmH x 190mmW x75mmD.240v. Generates hot water in 5 - 10 seconds
Eco Instant Hot Water - 5437
The Companion Aquacube Logic is the most advanced camping hot water shower available today. The water is gas heated and the pump runs from an in-built battery or directly from a 12V or 240v power source so you are never left sitting around waiting for a battery to charge or figuring out how you can get closer to your power source. Simply add water and at the touch of a button you have hot water at your fingertips. Featuring an LCD display, built-in gas regulator and onboard rechargeable Lithium battery, the Aquacube® Logic is the truly portable solution for those looking to enjoy a shower in the great outdoors.
WEIGHT: 5.5kg
DIMENSIONS: 42 x 25 x 53cm
RUN TIME: 80 minutes
FLOW RATE: 2.3L per min
All internal - copper
Handles - aluminium
Construction - High density ANS plas- tic construction
WARRANTY: 3 years
Companion Aquacube Logic - 5452
Hot Water On Demand H20ASIS Elite
A deluxe campsite hot water service, the Cole- man Hot Water On Demand H2Oasis Elite is lightweight, and fully portable and offers an ul- timate outdoor shower experience plus a little bit more. Once the powerful burner lights hot water  ows in seconds, with up to 150 litres of water at a maximum of 50degrees delivered
from one Coleman Lightweight LPG bottle.
Coleman Hot Water On Demand - 5427 Carry Case - 5428 Replacement Shower Head - 5429 Shower Hose Carry Bag - 5430 Water Adaptor - 5431 3/8” Gas Adaptor - 5433 POL Gas Adaptor - 5434
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