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6 metres of heavy-duty 6 mm cable - Choice of socket-heavy duty hella style and cigarette type both built in - Fuse and installation kit with snap action mounting plate included.
RAPS 12R-U2 - 6585
Adapter EPS817A
Suits CDF series and CF-18 to CF- 60 thermoelectric coolboxes or as a universal power unit via the integrated cigarette lighter socket.
EPS817A - 6590
RAPS 44 Battery Pack
Dimensions W230 x H245 x D227 mm Weight 13.6 kg approx. Capacity 36 amp hours Voltage Heavy duty 12 volts
RAPS 36 Battery Pack - 6605
CFX WirelessDisplay
Shows the internal temperature of the fridge from a distance. It also shows the voltage protection level set and has adjustable alarm limits that enable an audible warning if the temperature rises or the battery gets low.
CFX Wireless Display - 6631
COOLFUN CA-35 33L Absorption Cooler
DIMENSIONS Dimensions product depth 515 mm Dimensions product height 454 mm Dimensions product width 520 mm Storage volume - 33 l Net weight 19.5 kg Coolfun CA35 - 6884
50L RC 1180 3-Way Fridge/Freezer
Dimensions product depth 505 mm Dimensions product height 520 mm Dimensions product width 665 mm Storage volume - total (DIN15502) 50 l Net weight 25 kg
RC1180 - 6885
Fridge It Odour Absorber
Fragrance free, odour eliminator for just about everywhere around the home including refrigerators and freezers
Fridge It Odour Absorber - 0341
Fridge Slides - 125kg
Fridge Switch
Make up your own slides for fridges, batteries and BBQ’s. Pair
With a built in electronic movement and vibration sensor which switches the 12 volt circuit of the caravans 3 way fridge on when the vehicle is moving and turns the fridge off when the vehicle stops.
Fridge Switch - 0325
Fridge Cool Fan
Circulate air inside your fridge to reduce food spoilage.
Battery-operated fan cuts initial cool-down time by 50%. Helps maintain more consistent temperature inside refrigerator compartment. Runs over 30 days on 2 D cell batteries (sold separately).
Fridge Cool Fan - 0337
Thermostatic Control Fridge Cooling Fan
Thermostatically controlled. 12 volt
Thermostatic Control Fridge Cooling Fan - 0339
Solar Fridge Fan
Controls heat build up in the vent compartment behind your refrigerator. Single crystal silicon solar cells.
Solar Fridge Fan - 0340
300mm - 0270 400mm - 0271 500mm - 0272 600mm - 0273 700mm - 0274
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