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Flat Hose Reel
30 ft long flat hose reel Drinking water safe Sureflow Non collapsing hose
Flat Hose Reel - 7486
In Line Water Filter
B.E.S.T. = Bacteria Eliminating Silver Treatment Inline Water Filter.
1 micron filled with activated carbon and silver coated crystals. (Rated to last 5000 Litres) This unit uses the ‘Alternative’ sanitisation medium. Comes with ‘click fit’ hose connections on both ends (connects to standard garden hose connections - for filling RV tanks, when connected to mains or caravan park water, etc.).
Best Water Filter - 7488
TastePure Water Filter
Improves taste and smell of drinking water by removing Chlorine and sediment Filters to 150 microns RV and marine approved Camco TastePure Water Filter - 7492
Deluxe Washdown Kit
12V 4.5 gpm/ 17.0lpm 17.0 A MaxDraw 70 / 4.8 PSI/BAR Quick Attach
Deluxe Washdown Kit - 7500
1. 4 Chamber positive displacement diaphragm pump for smooth and quiet operation
2. Max. Flow: 17lpm /4.5gpm
3. Max.Pressure:40PSI / 2.8bar
4. Run dry with no problem
5. Thermal overload protected.
6. Duty Cycle: Intermittent (under different pressure, the continuous working time will also be different)
Runs dry without damage Built-in check valve and thermal overload
Comes with strainer and elbows Open flow: 11.3lpm/3.06pm Volts: 12v
Amps: 3.5a max.amps: 7.5a Press setting: 55psi/3.8bar
Washdown Kit
Run Dry Capability Multi-step corrosion protection and seamless motor body for enhanced protection in any wet environment Rubber mounting feet for corrosion protection and noise reduction UV protected black flexible coiled hose with garden hose connections
Spray nozzle and Fittings included Seaflo Washdown Kit - 7504
Seaflo 12v Water Pressure Pump 17ltr
Seaflo 17ltr - 7501
Seaflo 12v Water Pressure Pump 11ltr
Seaflo 11Litre - 7502
Seaflo 12v Water Pressure Pump 4 Litre
Seaflo 4 Litre - 7503
Self Priming Heavy-duty demand switch
Can run dry without damage
Quiet operation 40PSI (2.8bar, 4 Litres per minute.)
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