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Inline Pump
In-line, 12 volt centrifugal pump, light enough to be suspended in the hose line. Sealed against casual water. Pump is not self priming and must be gravity fed. Output of 10 litres per minute.
Overall length: 117mm
Whale Inline Pump - 7555
Inline Galley Pump With Tap
12 volt centrifugal pump with mounting bracket. Chrome plated, swivel faucet with integral switch. Current draw - 3.15 amps. 13.2 Litres per minute.
Inline Galley Pump With Tap - 7565
Low Boy Pump
2 – Way Low Boy Pump. Combination hand pump and city water. Low-profile design that’s great for fold-down campers
Low Boy Pump - 7568
Triple Action Low Boy Pump
Combination hand pump (by PUMPING the handle), mains pressure tap(pressing handle DOWN), and 12V electric pump switch (holding handle UP (where a 12 pump is wired to the incorporated switch).
Triple Action Low Boy Pump - 7569 Repair Kit - 7569R
Galley Pump
Submersible Water Pump
Handy water pump used for confined spaces. Open flow - 12/L/m Max head - 4.5m Power - 2.5 A @12 V Height - 110mm Base dia - 54mm
Submersible Water Pump - 7575
Small inline 12 volt pump. 13.2 litres per minute. Accepts 10mm hose. 70mm(H) x 120mm (L) x 55mm (D). Current draw - 3.15 amps
Galley Pump - 7570
RV Sewer Hose Cleaner
Get jet cleaning action with this unique sewer hose rinser. Fitting attaches to sewer hose, then hooks to any standard water hose to create a powerful spray that helps reduce odors and clean sewer hoses.
RV Sewer Hose Cleaner - 7571
Spray Away Complete
Utilizing a quick connect brass fitting with shutoff, just connect the coil hose for immediate pressure controlled by the pistol grip sprayer. Complete unit houses Spray-Port and Coil Hose w/Sprayer. Easily installed through the sidewall near a cold water line. Back-flow preventer keeps ground water from being sucked back into the vehicle. 1⁄2” diameter male brass fitting allows for easy connection to water supply. Includes 15ft Hose.
Spray Away Complete - 7574
Spray Away Complete Hose
High quality 15’, 3/8” polyurethane coil hose for the Spray Port with Brass insert to fit Spray Port Quick Connector. 15 feet, lightweight, UV resistant hose, re-coils to just 12 inches.
Spray Away Complete Hose - 7584
Flojet Filter
1⁄2 MBSP Filter.
Flojet Filter - 7597
Classic Series Twist on Strainer
13mm pipe inlet twist on strainer. To be used with Extreme and Classic series pumps.
Classic Series Twist on Strainer - 7578 Barbed Thead - 7579
Extreme Series High Flow Strainer
Twist on filter to suit Shurflo 4048 Pump
Extreme Series High Flow Strainer OEM - 7581
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