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Acrylic Rectangular Basin
White. 330mm x 279mm
Acrylic Rectangular Basin - 7825
Acrylic Rectangular Slimline Basin
Compact white hand basin 508mm wide X178mm deep
Acrylic Rectangular Slimline Basin - 7850
Acrylic Sink
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White acryilic sink. 711mm x 330mm wide. Does not include plug or waste outlet
Acrylic Sink - 7855
Acrylic Corner Basin
White. 279mm x 279mm
Acrylic Corner Basin - 7873
RV Water Tank Cleaner
A non tasting non toxic powder that will clean and deodourize your RV water tank. 200gm
Water Guard Quick Change Water Filtration Kit
Package includes: 1/4” Quick Connect Filter Head with built-in bracket. Disposable Quick Change Filter Drinking Water Tap. Mounting Screws Fittings
Drinking Water Freshener
Neutralizes organic compounds, eliminating
odours and restoring fresh
taste to drinking water stored
in your RV water tank. Non-
toxic and 100%
Water Guard Quick Change Water Filtration Kit - 7843 Replacement Filter - 7844
Shower Mixer Tap
Requires space in the wall of 32mm Inlet hot - 1/2 inch female BSP Inlet cold - 1/2 inch female BSP Outlet mixed - 1/2 inch female BSP
Shower Mixer Tap - 7845
biodegradable. Drinking Water Freshener - 0542 Taste Pure Water
Eliminate algae and slime buildup from drinking water tanks. Just one ounce helps remove bad smells and taste from 20 gallons of water.
Taste Pure Water Freshener - 0544
Water Tank Cleaner - 0260
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