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DO35 Tow Pin - Shank 7/8”
DO35 BiLock Assembly
Get a spare DO35 Tow Pin for your second vehicle. SA5 plated and rated to tow 3.5T off-road.
Coiled Breakaway Cale - 9639
The CRUISEMASTER® Bi-Lock assem- bly consists of a dummy pin, two keys, a lock and a dust cover.
DO35 BiLock Assembly - 9640
CruisemasterTM DO35 V3
SIMPLE TO USE LOCKING MECHANISM The DO35 features a simple positive locking mechanism. Once locked the Checklock cap is then  tted to keep the dirt out and to show that the coupling is securely attached
Forged steel, high quality polyurethane, laser cut stain- less steel and precision casting has been brought to- gether to increase the couplings strength yet also reduce weight. This updated DO35 is over 50% stronger than the outgoing model. These advanced processes have also allowed the elimination of hitch adaptors* allowing you to get on the road with less fuss.
DO35 V3 Coupling with brake - 9641 DO35 V3 Coupling without brake - 9642
Off-Road Coupling
Faster, easier, safer
Click LockTM system offers hands free hitching and one touch unhitching. No  ddling with levers, latches, pins or caps. Automatically double locks for a safe and secure connection. Integrated maintenance free dust seals. Low pro le (83mm) ideal for tow vehicles with barn doors. Rated to 3500kg ATM. Designed and developed in Australia for Australian conditions. Heavy duty components for optimum durability in the harshest of conditions.
ALKO Click Lock Off Road Coupling - 9660
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