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EZ Level Temperature Gauge
EZ RV Level Temp Bubble Level. Use one product to perform two jobs.
EZ Level Temperature Gauge - 0224
Screen Patches
*Ideal repair for nylon, metal, or fiberglass screens in trailers, tents, windows, and doors *Easy to use pressure sensitive mylar *5” x 6-1/2” *3 per Card
Screen Patches - 0225
LED Magnified Reading Glasses
Batteries included.
Each full carton contains 6 of each magnification.
ON THE ROAD RV Tank Cleaner
A non-tasting non toxic powder that will clean and deodourize your RV water tank. 200gm
Water Tank Cleaner - 0260
Collapsible Utility Container
Super-handy for RVs and campsites, the Container features durable side handles and a lid that can be securely zipped close. Includes a stake for securing the Container in place and a PVC plastic bag for easy transport.
Collapsible Utility Container - 0282
Collapsible Bucket
Never be caught out in an emergency. Blue ball point pen with built in LED Light.
LED Pen Light
LED Pen Light - 0261
Bubble Level
Lockable Fridge Slides - 125kg
Great for your caravan or RV Fridge.
Make sure your levels are right to get the best out of your 3 way fridge.
Makes accurate levelling a breeze!
Surface Level - 0234
Multi-Purpose Graduated Level
Tells at a glance the number of inches required to level your caravan or RV.
Drawer Slides - 45kg
Collapsible Bucket - 0284
Make up your own slides for fridges, batteries and BBQ’s.
300mm - 0270 400mm - 0271 500mm - 0272 600mm - 0273 700mm - 0274
Convenient Plastic bucket holds 9 litres. Includes storage case.
Cold Galvanizing Paint
Multi-Purpose Graduated Level - 0253
Make up your own slides for drawers and cabinets
350mm - 0300 400mm - 0301 500mm - 0302 600mm - 0303 700mm - 0304
Touch up your trailer or any galvanized surface.
Cold Galvanizing Paint - 0297
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