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Fiamma Roof Hatch 14” x 14”
Dometic Midi Skylight
Midi Heki Lever model Inner screen with blackout and flyscreen (can be adjusted seperately) Easy adjustable glass dome Maximum opening angle: approx. 45o lever model, 60o crank model Three positions: fully open, ventilation position, bad weather position Double acrylic glazing Dimensions for installation: 700 x 500 mm.
Dometic Midi Skylight - 10100
Dometic Mini Skylight
Opens in 3 positions, double glazed, aerodynamically shaped dome made of practically unbreakable, lightly tinted polycarbonate. The inner frame incorporates a fly screen and pleated blind with aluminium tracking. Cut out dimensions 400 x 400mm. Easily installs into 25 to 60mm roof thickness 25-42mm Mini Hekeiplus. 43-60mm Mini Heki2
Mini Hekiplus - 10110 Mini Heki S - 10112
Dometic Skylight - Heki 2
Weight (kg) 11kg Easy to handle with pneumatic staysThe large opening allows
plenty of light and optimal ventilation. Cut out (mm) 960 x 655 Installation area (mm) 1080 x 780 Possible roof thickness (mm) 25-60 Max. opening angle 55°
Dometic Skylight - Heki 2 - 10115
EZ-Breeze RV Ventilation Dome
The EZ-Breeze is uniquely designed with a built-in rain cover to provide air circulation throughout the RV without ever needing to open the dome. Two Models available. With or without 12v Fan. FITS STANDARD 14” x 14” OPENING
Featuring Built-In Rain Cover
EZ Breeze - 10121 EZ Breeze 12v - 10122
A 14” x 14” roof hatch that is easily installed and equipped with a permanent insect screen. Features a semi-rigid fixing flange. The lid is reinforced and independently vented so that air movement is guaranteed even whilst closed, providing 90 sq cm of ventilation.
Fiamma Roof Hatch - 10067
Fiamma Vent 50 X 50 & Roller Blind
White. Complete with roller blind. Opens on all four sides with practical handles. Assures permanent ventilation. Locking anti-theft device on the handles. Rainproof and windproof.
Fiamma Vent 50 X 50 & Roller Blind - 10072
Fiamma Hatch - Vent 28
White lid. 280mm x 280mm white hatch without fan. Ideal for airing small spaces. Made
in superior quality impact and UV-resistant materials. Supplied with permanent air flow ventilation system and flyscreen.
Fiamma Hatch - Vent 28 - 10075
Fiamma Roof Hatch 160
Its watertight system guarantees rain streams down without the possibility of it coming in. Made with quality UV- resistant material, it also features an adjustable centre support arm. Can be installed on roofs with depths from 25-50mm.
Installs in 380mm x 380mm openings
Fiamma Vent 160 - 10078
Fiamma Turbo Vent P3
Fiamma Turbo Vent P3 Ventilation System.Turbo vent that allows you to save up to 50% electricity thanks to a new electronic circuit. Turbo-Vent is silent at high speed and exceptionally silent at the minimum. Installs in 380mm - 400mm openings. Fiamma Turbo Vent P3 - 10079
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