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Cupboard Stay Up
Cupboard Hinges
Cupboard Hinges
Suited for supporting top hinged overhead cupboard doors in the open position.
Gold - 10160 Bronze - 10161
Cupboard Stay
Spring pressure supports the flap when raised and holds it firmly against cabinet when closed. 130mm. Chrome also available in 250mm.
Gold - 10166 Bronze - 10167 Chrome - 10168 Chrome 250mm -10169
Horizontal Gripper Catch
A very strong nylon gripper catch for cup- board doors and drawers. Pkts of 10.
Complete catch: 10170 Female section: 10172
Vertical Gripper Catch
A very strong nylon gripper catch for cupboard doors and drawers. Vertical striker. Pkts of 10
Complete catch: 10176 Female section: 10178
Popular semi- concealed flat leaf cupboard hinge. Two finishes available:
Florentine/ Bronze: 10184 Brass: 10188
Cupboard Hinges
With large concealed flat flange for fixing to wide cupboard door trim frames. Available in:
Florentine/Bronze: 10192 Brass: 10196
Cupboard Hinges
Offset semi-concealed hinge designed for use with De5 cupboard door moulding. Available in:
Florentine/Bronze: 10200 Brass: 10204
Cupboard Hinges
A semi-concealed flat leaf cupboard hinge. Available in:
Florentine/ Bronze:10208 Chrome: 10212
Cupboard Hinges
Self Closing Pair Antique
Antique - 10213
Plumbing Vent
Replace your existing vent with this durable polyethylene Plumbing Vent.The plastic is treated with chimasorb for extra durability against UV rays. Built for a 1 1/4 “ or 1 1/2” pipe. Snap-on cap fastens with new screw-in design.
Ventline Plumbing Vent - 10214
A semi-concealed offset cupboard hinge. Available in:
Florentine/ Bronze: 10226 Brass: 10228
Viscount Millard Cupboard Catch
Spring loaded catch for use in earlier model caravans (2 part). Brown
Complete catch: 10176 1126 Cupboard Catch - 10240
Brown - 10218 GT Mousse - 10219 Tan - 10220
1222 Cupboard Catch
Spring loaded surface catch for use with 10mm doors. (2 part). Brown
1222 Cupboard Catch - 10237
1126 Cupboard Catch
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