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Tarp Chocker
Annexe Flyover Pole
Stayput Fasteners Vertical
Vertical fixing. Durable canvas fasteners for boats,caravans and tents. Single fasteners take one eyelet. Double accommodates two eyelets. Comes on Pkts of 10
Single - 11375 Double - 11377
Stayput Fasteners
Canvas to canvas. Used to secure two overlapping sections of canvas. Comes in 2 parts. Comes on Pkts of 10
Single - 11390 Double - 11392
Deluxe Snap Fastener Kit
Kit includes 10 Matt Nickle Plated fasteners and flaring tool
Deluxe Snap Fastener Kit - 11407
Annexe Adjustable Slide Rails 19mm steel
adjustable slide rail. Each rail has a hole in each end to engage spigot of wall pole to create annexe frames.
1220mm - 11410 1830mm - 11415
Heavy Duty Awning Tie Downs
Ideal for all weather types especially windy conditions.
Heavy Duty Awning Tie Downs - 11420
Instant camping eyelets Doesn’t damage fabric Tested to 100kgs loading Pack of 4
Tarp Chocker - 0443
Annexe Pole Collar
Replacement plastic collar with wing nut and bolt to suit 22-19mm adjustable annexe poles.
Annexe Pole Collar - 11325
Annexe Adjustable Roof Rails
19mm steel adjustable 2 piece roof rails. Hole in one end to engage pole spigot and hook in other to engage in roof rail bracket fitted to the RV.
2750mm 2 piece - 11328 3650mm 3 piece - 11330
Roof Rail Bracket
Plated steel bracket engages the hook end of roof rail.
Standard Roof Rail Bracket - 11332 Roof Rail Bracket S/S - 11332S/S Roof Rail Bracket White - 11332W Annexe Wall Poles
19mm steel wall poles. Comes in 2 sizes. 2300mm adjustable - 11334 1830mm 2 piece non adjustable - 11336
Extended pole spigot locates on existing pole to allow a flyover to be fitted
Annexe Flyover Pole - 11340
Stayput Fasteners
Horizontal fixing. Durable canvas fastener. Single accommodates one eyelet. Double accommodates two eyelets. Comes on Pkts of 10
Single: 11425 Double - 11427
Awning Tie Downs
Hold your awning in place with these tie downs. Two piece set. tension spring & 2 pegs.
Tie Downs - 11350
Guy Rope
Complete with slide and trace spring.
Guy Rope - 11359
Brass Eyelets & Washers
These two part eyelets are used in canvas, to anchor pegs, pole spigots and canopy fasteners 20 Eyelets and 20 Washers. Size No 4 - 11361 Sizw No 6 - 11362
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