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Rope Lashing Hooks
Aussie Traveller Anti-Flap Kits
Lashing hooks used to tension and tie down equipment such as tonneau covers and tarps.
Plastic - 11430 Die-cast - 11432
Birkmore Waterproofing
Waterproofs aged canvas. Helps repel mildew. Extends canvas life. Coverage 6 square metres per litre.
2 Litre - 11458 5 Litre - 11459
Mildew Remover
Brush on mould and mildew remover. Available in 1L & 4L.
Mildew Remover 1L - 11460 Mildew Romover 4L - 11462
Rope Track - Single
Single fixing aluminium rope track.. 6.0m Lengths
Mill Finish - 13804 White - 13807
Rope Track - Double
Double fixing rope track. For securing vertical walls of canvas annexe. 6.5m
Mill Finish - 13826 White - 13828
Aussie Traveller has designed the Anti Flap Kit to help overcome two of the major problems faced by owners of all brands of roll out awnings. ·It helps to reduce wind flap ·It has the ability to successfully add walls The AFK breaks down to four individual sections (two pieces per end) which, when joined together, form a full length clamp. This full length clamp fixes to the awning fabric’s outside edge, and helps prevent wind flap and includes a rope track to accept walls. Aussie Traveller has made adding walls to all brands of roll out awnings quick and easy. Adding walls to give a waterproof seal is as simple as sliding the walls through the built in rope tracks on the inside of the AFK (AntiFlap Kit).
Australian RV Universal Curved Roof Rafter
At last a cost
effective way of stopping that roll out awning sagging and flapping. An easy to fit adjustable curved roof rafter which can be added to an existing awning in just seconds.
Universal Curved Roof Rafter - 11461
Short 2100mm - 2200mm - 11445 Medium 2200mm - 2300mm - 11446 Long 2300mm - 2400mm - 11447
Fiamma Tension Rafter
Tension rafter made from non-rusting anodized aluminium, designed to keep the fabric supported in case of rain and wind, helps prevent the build-up of rain water. Supplied with special wall clip for storage inside the vehicle. Suitable for awnings with maximum extension of 2.50m. Supplied as standard with awnings 4.00m long and over.
Fiamma Tension Rafter - 11455
Australian RV Pop Top Support
The Pop Top Support Bar is used to help support the roof of a pop top on the side of the roll out awning. The pop top support has a maximum extension of 50cm.
Pop Top Support - 11470
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