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Fridge It Odour Absorber
Outdoor Rechargeable LED Mosquito Lantern
Fridge It Odour Absorber - 0341
Baseball Cap with Built in 5 LED light
Quality baseball cap with 5 built in LED lights. For day or for night, no more bulky head torches.
Baseball Cap with Built in 5 LED light - 0342
Fridge Fan
Helps cool fridge by up to 40% more on hot days. Thermostatically controlled. 3.6 meter cable. 12 volt.
Fridge Fan - 0347
No Mould
No-Mold features a unique design that holds your refrigerator and freezer doors open, allowing ventilation to help prevent mold and odors from forming during storage.
2-IN-1 ZAPPER LANTERN: a combination of camping
lantern and mosquito zapper; 360nm-400nm ultraviolet light providing a 16 x 16 foot mosquito free zone Outdoor rechargable 2 in 1 Mosquito Killer and Lantern
Input Voltage - USB dc5v 1000mA
Power (Lighting) - 2W Power (Mosquito killing) - 3W Brightness - 200LM
Mosquito Lantern - 0349
Bushman Insect Repellant
Bushman aerosol available with 20% Deet and also heavy duty with 40% Deet protects you from all those annoying insects. Bushman cream with 80% Deet will keep your body bug free.
Bushman Plus
50g aerosol - 0354 150g aerosol - 0355 350g aerosol - 0356
Cream - 0357 Roll On - 0368 Pump Pack - 0369
Bushman Heavy Duty
60g aerosol - 0358 130g aerosol - 0359 225g aerosol - 0360
Personal Sonic Insect Repeller
Keep the mozzies away! With a range of 6 metres, it’s perfect for camping, picnics fishing etc. It also has a pocket or belt clip to keep it handy.
Personal Sonic Insect Repeller - 0343
Mosquito Band
Natural Citronella essence which fragrance has been refined to effectively keep mosquitoes and insects away. Non-toxic and DEET free. 2 pack
Australian RV Bucket Hat with Fly Net
Attractive bucket hat with flynet that tucks away nicely when not needed.
Australian RV Bucket Hat with Fly Net - 0350
Use this flynet with your existing cap or hat.
No Mold - 0348
Mosquito Band - 0345
Flynet - 0352
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