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Trimatic Lock Assembly
Trimatic Lock Pull Plate
Camec 3P Door Lock
Unique die-cast single lock operates both the main door and the screen door together as a single operation, or as separate units. Individual components are available.
Trimatic Lock Assembly - 12850
Trimatic Outer Lock
Replacement outer lock incorporates a mating latch to secure outer main door to fly door.
Trimatic Outer Lock - 12853
Trimatic Lock Strike Plate
Plastic strike plate is attached to fixed trim frame and allows positive locking of both doors to the outer trim frame.
Trimatic Lock Strike Plate - 12856
Trimatic Earth Strap
Replacement earth strap which for safety reasons must be fitted to all doors mounted on plastic hinges.
Trimatic Earth Strap - 12859
Trimatic Inner Lock
Replacement inner lock incorporates locking snib.
Die-cast outer plate engages the mating latch of the outer lock to retain the two doors as one.
Trimatic Lock Pull Plate - 12867
Trimatic Weather Seal
Extruded PVC weather & bug seal attaches to the main door & trim frame eliminating the risk of water, dust, or bugs into RV interior. per metre.
Trimatic Weather Seal - 12890
Trimatic Main Frame Corner Stake
2 piece plastic corner stake to secure the mitred corners of the main door frame
Trimatic Main Frame Corner Stake - 12900
Trimatic 4 Piece Hinge
Unique plastic offset hinge that allows either the outer door or both doors to be opened at the one time. Trimatic 4 Piece Hinge - 12904
Trimatic Flyscreen Spline
6.0mm PVC spline retains insect mesh in groove provided in frame of insect door extrusion. per metre
Camec Door Lock - 12870
Camec 3P - Lock Outer Trim Square Top & Bottom
3P - Lock Outer Trim - 12871
Camec 3P Door Lock Hook & Catch
3P Door Lock Hook & Catch - 12872
Camec 3P Door - Remote Latch
3P Door - Remote Latch - 12873
Camec 3P Door - Barrel & Keys 500 Combs
Trimatic Inner Lock - 12864
Trimatic Flyscreen Spline-12908
P Door - Barrel & Keys 500 Combs - 12874
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