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Caravan Cover Repair Patch
Prestige Caravan Cover “repair kit” is 3.0m x 22cm and fixes holes in your caravan cover and protects the cover from wear damage.
Caravan Cover Repair Patch - 0459
C Class Motorhome Covers
Awning Rail Hanger S-Hooks
These awning hanger accessories allow for
the mounting of ornamental or decorative
lighting such as LED’s or strip lighting. they slide easily into the awning systems of most caravans and motorhome. Pack of six.
Awning Rail Hanger S-Hooks - 0515
Digital RV Fridge Thermometer
The ideal companion to any portable fridge freezer or esky. Easy to read Celcius or Fahr- enheit. Size 63 x m63 x 12mm Range: Indoor -20 degrees to +70 degrees, Outdoor -50de- grees to -70 degrees
RV Fridge Thermometer - 0514
Horizontal RV Fridge Thermometer
Hangs Or Stands On
Fridge Rack Or Shelf Easy To Read Celcius Or Fahrenheit Shatter Proof Lens 130mm X 30mm Safe Temperature Zones.
Horizontal RV Fridge Thermometer - 0516
Vertical RV Fridge Thermometer
Clips or attaches with suction cup Easy To Read Celcius Or Fahrenheit Shatter Proof Lens 73mm X 20mm Safe Temperature Zones
RV Fridge Thermometer - 0517
Clip N Stay Awning
10-Pk. No more sliding awning clips! These Clip & Stay Awning Hangers feature a patented stay-in-place design with tough, ther- mal plastic rubber that grips and holds. Simply insert into awning tube for hanging anything up to 10-lbs.
Clip N Stay - 0513
Fresh Water Tank Sanitizer
Easy-to-Use, 2-Part System ·Step 1: Clean tank with detergent and rinse ·Step 2: Sanitize tank with sanitizer
0518B - Set 0518 - Sanitizer 0519 - Cleaning Solution
Fridge Brace
Fridge Braces prevent food from sliding in your RV’s fridge while travelling These braces help keep cartons upright to reduce the risk of spills Sold in a 2pack
0490 - UP TO 20FT (6.0M)
0491 - 20FT TO 23FT (6.0M TO 7.0M)
0492 23FT TO 26FT (7.0M TO 7.9M)
0493 - 26FT TO 29FT (7.9M TO 8.8M) 0494 - 29FT TO 32FT (8.8M TO 9.7M)
A Class Motorhome Covers
0500 - 20FT TO 24FT (6.0M TO 7.3M) 0501 - 24FT TO 26FT (7.3M TO 7.9M) 0502 - 26FT TO 29FT (7.9M TO 8.7M) 0503 - 29FT TO 33FT (8.7M TO 10.M)
0504 - 33FT TO 38FT (10.0M TO 11.5M) 0505 - 38FT TO 42FT (11.5M TO 12.8M)
Fridge Brace - 0520
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