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Dirty Devil
LED Emergency Triangle
Super bright LED Emergency Triangle 12v and battery operated Takes 6AA Batteries Includes Bonus Work Light
LED Emergency Triangle - 0831
Measures Up to 400kg
WeighSafe Towball Weight Scales - 0838
Reece Safety Pin
To suit snap up bracket.
Reece Safety Pin - 0848
DO35 Tow Pin - Shank 7/8”
Get a spare DO35 Tow Pin for your second vehicle. SA5 plated and rated to tow 3.5T off-road.
Coiled Breakaway Cale - 9639
DO35 BiLock Assembly
The HITCHMASTER® Bi- Lock assembly consists of a dummy pin, two keys, a lock and a dust cover.
DO35 BiLock Assembly - 9640
* Innovative aluminium construction
* Heavy duty base plate for extra stability
*3 Year Warranty *Scale calibration
100kg to 400kg *Easy to read
Dirty Devil
Towball Cover with Reflector
Towball Cover with Reflector - 0832R
12v Revolving Warning Light
Plugs into any cigarette lighter Coiled cord stretches to 210cm 12v DC 25w Friction drive, no mechanical noise. Magnetic Base
12v Revolving Warning Light - 0833
LED Round Emergency Light
12 Red LED warning lights with 7 functions 4 White LED lights Strong Magnet Super strong Rubber & PC Outer Coating - Takes 3 x AAA Batteries
LED Round Emergency Light - 0834
Emergency Recovery Kit
Essential emergency accessories for
roadside troubles . Includes - Booster cable, tow strap, warning triangle, torch, screwdriver, pliers, water bag, gloves, cable ties, bungee cord and tape.
Emergency Recovery Kit - 0836
6mm - 0840 8mm - 0842
R Clips
Spare R clips for use with your equalizer bars.
3mm:0844 4mm:0846
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