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13 Watt Monocrystaline Solar Panel
An independent solar power source that directly support AC applications such as phone, tablet, TV’s, fans, lights, stereo’s Flashing LED to indicate that solar cell is generating electricity from daylight Universal DC output and USB adaptor available All components are preinstalled, simple to use, just plug and play
13 Watt Solar Panel - 1303
Solar Fan Cap
Stay cool in the hot sun. The inbuilt fan gives off a cool breeze when out in the sun.
80 Watt Suitcase Solar Panel
Solar Fan Cap-1307
160 Watt Folding Monocrystaline Suitcase Solar Panel
Now comes with Anderson Plug for easy connection.
5 meter cable with alligator clamps Anderson plug for easy connection 12v/24v MPPT Controller Adjustable supporting legs Anti Slip plastic protectors Heavy duty carry bag
80 Watt Suitcase Solar Panel-1311
120 Watt Monocrystaline Suitcase Solar Panel
Two 60 watt solar panels make up this easy to use suitcase panel. Easy to store, now you can follow the sun to achieve maximum solar energy. With an output of 8 amps it will charge your battery to run most portable fridges .
Easy to use 160watt solar charger kit for caravan batteries Complete with folding solar charger + support frame + charge regulator + lead wire + carry bag Carry & storage bag for protection
160 Watt Suitcase Solar Panel-1308
120 Watt Suitcase Solar Panel-1315
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