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Ceramic 12V Heater
12v Auto Shower
Endless Breeze Fan
150 Watts of instant heat from your 12 volt outlet. Use as a supplemental heater or on dash as window defroster. Cold and Hot Heat Settings.
Ceramic12V Heater- 3085
Powerful Compact Twin Fan
Powerful Compact Twin Fan 12V. Twin Speed, Fully Adjustable, Oscillating 2 meter extension cable Size: 268mm (W) x 140mm (H) x 95mm (D) Power: 8W/15W
Twin Compact Fan - 3093
4.8 metre 12volt cable. Waterproof switch controls. 2.1 metres of plastic tubing,
pump, showerhead, hanging hook and carry bag.
12v Auto Shower - 3097
Powerful Compact Fan
Twin Speed, Fully Adjustable, Heavy Duty plug with 2 metre extension cable.Oscillating. Size: 130mm (W) x 165mm (H) x 80mm (D) Power: 3W/4W
Single Compact Fan - 3094
Siroco Fan
Sirocco Fan White - 3099 Sirocco Fan Black - 3099B
Endless Breeze a powerful, high volume, portable 12 volt fan using an automotive type motor and twelve inch blade that operates at three speeds. 14”
Endless Breeze Fan - 0011
12 Volt Oscillating Fan
Provides better defrosting in cold weather. Better demisting in the spring, summer and autumn. Better cooling on hot days. Permanently mounts in your vehicle, van or bus.
12 Volt Oscillating Fan - 3102
12 Volt Car Fan
This 12V 6” (150mm) single speed oscillating fan features metal safety guard and plugs directly in cigarette lighter or 12V power socket. ·Ideal for cars, trucks, off road machinery & boats ·Max blade speed: 2800 rpm ·Power Consumption: 0.65 amp
12 Volt Car Fan - 3105
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