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Thirty miles from the the Nation’s Capital Prince William County is is a a a a a a a vibrant community with a a a a a a a rich history As the the second largest county in in the Commonwealth of of Virginia it it it is a a a a a community of of choice with a a a a a strong diverse economic base where individuals and and and families choose choose to to live work and and and play and and and businesses choose choose to to locate Prince William County County is also the the fourth fastest growing county in in in in the the state of Virginia The County’s racially and ethnically diverse population makes it it one of the the most globally represented communities in in the the region – in in fact it it it it was the first county in in in Virginia to be minority-majority The new majority majority is is composed of of Hispanic (of any race largely of Central and and South American American ancestry) African American American and and Asian citizens According to USA Today “Prince William County is is at at the the leading edge of a a a a a diversity explosion that is is currently sweeping the the USA ”
Prince William County has an an an abundant supply of indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities Amenities include more than 4 000 acres of park park land three 18-hole golf courses two fun-filled water parks a a a a a a a a world-class skate park indoor and and outdoor pools fully equipped fitness centers hundreds of camps and and classes pristine sports fields and and and playgrounds and and and more than 100 miles of trails blue ways and and and lakes – plus its newest asset the the the Neabsco Creek Boardwalk Two National Parks lie within the the the county – Prince William Forest Park Park the the the largest National National Park Service property in in the Washington D C metropolitan area and Manassas National National Battlefield Park a a a a Civil War battlefield There is no shortage of continuing education options in in in in in in Prince William County including George Mason University the the the largest public research university headquartered in in in Northern Northern Virginia Virginia and Northern Northern Virginia Virginia Community College (NOVA) the largest largest educational institution in in in Virginia and second largest largest community college in in in the the country The Prince William County School (PWCS) system is is the the second largest of 132 school divisions in in in Virginia and boasted a a a a a a a a a 92 1% on-time graduation rate in in 2018 95% of the County’s schools are fully accredited compared to to 68% statewide The County’s high schools rank among the the the top 9% in the the the nation by the the the Newsweek/ Washington Post “Challenge Index ”
Prince William County schools have been ranked among the Nation’s 100 Best Communities for for Young People by America’s Promise Alliance and ING for for three years in a a a a a row 3 A Community Of Choice

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