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The Ideal Candidate
The next Human Resources Director will be a a a a a seasoned human resources professional who possesses the leadership resolve and and flexibility to function effectively within Prince William County’s dynamic and and client- centered organization An exceptional communicator who values the art of listening and collaborative decision- making will find this role fulfilling The utmost integrity and discretion coupled with the ability to view issues objectively and and find workable solutions is paramount The successful candidate will be a a a a a a a a working leader who values staff input and and trusts in in in their their expertise and and ability to perform their their job functions while fostering a a a a a a a team environment and continual professional development The next Director will be a a a a a a a strategic partner that ensures HR works cohesively with the 32 County departments while leading a a a a comprehensive human resources service program Additional characteristics identified during discussions with county officials and staff that will lead to the success of the next Human Resources Director:
» » A transformational leader adept at at Change Management » » » Familiarity with implementing a a a a a a a a Human Capital Management System » » Possess the ability to:
• Move the the the County forward based on on on on the the the results of a a a a a a a a Classification and Compensation
Study currently being conducted • • Successfully implement recently rolled out policies and procedures • • • Quickly establish trust and and mutual respect across the organization • • Assess the the current organizational structure of Human Resources and and and develop a a a a a a a a a a a a a a plan to modernize processes and improve efficiencies 

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