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The Communications Lineworker Program (CLP) o ers 6 classes for 2017. Students participate in academic and  eld training activities  ve days per week, Mon-Fri, from 8:00am – 5:00pm with a 60-minute lunch break.
The CLP is normally completed in 30 training days, of full-time enrollment, which is approximately 230 clock hours in length. The program is not  exible enough to accommodate any part-time students.
SLTC does not teach courses above the 100 level during the Communications Lineworker Program.
FL 101 Fundamentals of Telecom Linework
This class will cover the topics crucial to working safely and e ectively in the industry. The topics will include job hazards, safety meetings, safe work practices, identifying electrical safety hazards, and personal protective equipment. (10 clock hours)
RI 101 Rigging Fundamentals
This class will cover knots, splices, ropes, slings, and chains that are commonly used in rigging operations. Students will also learn to calculate tensions and safe working loads for various rigging applications commonly used within the industry. (10 clock hours)
CP 101 Career Planning and Strategies
This class will cover the development of short and long term employment goals, employment considerations, resume and cover le er writing, job search methods, and interview techniques. (8 clock hours)

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