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IC 101 Introduction to Telecommunications Cables
This class will cover the fundamental knowledge of  ber optics & coaxial cable systems including installation techniques, safe bend radius considerations, and tools & hardware used for the installation and maintenance of  ber optics and coaxial cabling. (10 clock hours)
Other Courses
Aerial Li  Truck Intro, Operation, & Rescue (8 clock hours) Chainsaw Safety (2 clock hours)
Field Competencies
In the  eld, students must complete competencies in order to receive a certi cate of completion. Students are instructed in each competency and then perform it when ready. Instructors evaluate students to ensure that they are performing the tasks satisfactorily. This ensures that students are well rounded in a variety of areas before going to work. (128 clock hours)
Certi cations & Specialized Training
OSHA 10-Hour Training (10 clock hours)
First Aid/CPR (4 clock hours)
NSC Flagging Cert. (4 clock hours)
NSC Defensive Driving (8 clock hours)
Digger Derrick Quali ed Operator (16 clock hours)

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