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In order to successfully complete the Communications Lineworker Program at Southeast Lineman Training Center and to receive a certi cate of completion, each student must meet the following requirements:
1. Students must have at least a 70% or C average in the course and on the  nal exam.
2. Students must successfully complete all of the  eld competencies.
3. Students must obtain all required certi cations prior to the last week of class.
4. Students must complete the program with NO MORE than two (2) unexcused absences.
5. Students must have satis ed all  nancial obligations to SLTC.
6. Students must abide by all SLTC policies and procedures.
7. Students must carry out the SLTC Code of Conduct.
Given ALL these requirements are met, the student will earn a certi cate of completion. Students who fail to complete these requirements will be terminated without refund from SLTC.

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