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Southeast Lineman Training Center prides itself on graduating the “best of the best”. Therefore, we’ve developed objectives that we will not waiver on. Every instructor is commi ed to these CLP Education Objectives.
• WE PROMISE to provide students with a working knowledge of the communications system and its components, established work procedures, and regulations.
• WE PROMISE to educate students on how to perform communications line work safely and e ciently.
• WE PROMISE to provide students with an understanding of the di erent career paths and employment
opportunities that are available within the communications industry.
• WE PROMISE to demonstrate safe working habits, a positive a itude, e ective working skills, and the ability to work e ectively with others in a team environment.
• WE PROMISE to provide students hands-on training in communications systems.
• WE PROMISE to educate students to be e ective at preparing resumes, writing cover le ers, job
interviewing, and following up with potential employers.
• WE PROMISE to all graduates that they will have the Knowledge, Discipline, and Ability to have successful careers in the communications industry as communications lineworkers.

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