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for absences, he/she will be allowed to re-enroll and be given the opportunity to complete
the course in one of the next two following enrollment terms. If the student re-enrolls he/ she must a end the entire course and is subject to the general requirements for satisfactory completion. No additional tuition will be charged if withdrawn a er 50% of the program has been completed. If the student withdraws before 50% of the program has been completed, he/she
will be charged a prorated amount of the tuition equal to the amount of weeks unsuccessfully completed. For students to be classi ed as a hardship they must request for a hardship consideration in writing to the President of SLTC.
P E R S O N A L W IT H D R A W A L :
If a student chooses to withdraw for any reason not considered a hardship, the student is subject to the tuition refund policy. If the student withdraws a er completing 50% of the program, they will receive no refund. If the student desires to a end future classes the student will be considered a new student and subject to all standard requirements.
Tobacco Free Institution
Tobacco products and spit cups are not permi ed in any building. Smoking is permi ed only in designated areas. If you chew, do not spit the chew on the ground.
Equal Opportunity Non-Discrimination Notice
Southeast Lineman Training Center shall
provide initial and continuing notice that it does not discriminate on any prohibited ground, to: applicants, eligible applicants, participants, applicants for employment, employees, and members of the public, including those with impaired vision or hearing, and unions or professional organizations holding collective bargaining or professional agreements with the recipient. Southeast Lineman Training Center does not deny admission or discriminate against students enrolled at this institution on the
basis of race, creed, color, sex, age, disability or national origin to the extent of the law.
Faculty Quali cations
Faculty members at the Training Supervisor level must have a least four of the following quali cations:
• Two years teaching experience in a speci c  eld for which training is o ered.
• Two years employment as a supervisor in a speci c  eld for which training is o ered.
• A relevant baccalaureate degree
• At two years related work experience in a  eld for which training is o ered
• Experience in designing, managing, and supervising instructional programs
Faculty members at the Skills Instructor level must have a least two of the following quali cations:
• At least four years of applied work experience in the line work trade
• At least two years experience training
communications lineman in the classroom or in the  eld
•Successful completion of formalized instruction in training or education; SLTC may provide the training
Instructor’s Pledge to Students
We, as educators and trainers at Southeast Lineman Training Center, solemnly pledge to:
• treat all students with respect
• encourage questions and answer them in a
positive manner
• not act in a confrontational manner with students • always strive to provide the highest quality of
training possible
• provide a safe and drug-free environment
• share employment opportunities equally among
• evaluate student performance fairly and in a
positive manner
• enforce rules and policies consistently among all
• conduct ourselves, at all times, in a professional
Student’s Grades
Student’s grades will be averaged as follows for each course:
• All weekly tests = 60% of the  nal grade.
• Final exam = 40% of  nal grade.
All competencies must be completed and passed in order to receive a certi cate.
ADA Policy
SLTC does not discriminate in admission or access
to our program in the basis of age, race, color, sex disability, sexual orientation or national origin. If you 32

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