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Southeast Lineman Training Center stresses safe working practices in everything that we teach because it’s the most important issue for skilled trades. Even though communications line work is considered to be safer than several construction trades and even farming, there is li le to no room for mistakes. Students will learn safety procedures and the hazards of not following them.
The  rst line of defense for a communications lineworker is his or her Personal Protective Equipment. At SLTC, students are equipped with Personal Protective Equipment required by OSHA standards. They are expected to have all of their PPE on them at all times while on the training grounds.
SLTC provides the best real world training environment possible to teach students safe working skills. By the time you graduate, safety skills will have become second nature to you. Taking these skills with you to your employers will provide you with a long and safe career.
During a typical training day in the  eld, students receive instruction for the day from the foreman through what we call a tailboard discussion. Each tailboard discussion includes:
• PPE compliance
• Job description for that day
• Safety rules
• Specialty tools to be used
• Tra c control
• Hazards associated with the job such as working near
energized lines, moving machinery, etc.
• Truck Operations

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