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SLTC wants to make sure each student enrolled here will be highly successful in the CLP and enjoy a long and rewarding career a er graduation. Enrollment packages are reviewed in detail and evaluated against our predetermined selection criteria to determine which applicants are a good  t for the program. Evaluation of each applicant goes beyond a GPA - we are looking for much more than numbers.
Academic Requirements
There is no minimum GPA or test score required to secure your admission to Southeast Lineman Training Center. However, high school transcripts are a critical element in evaluating whether applicants have the potential to complete the academic requirements in the CLP.
Do You Have What it Takes?
In order to successfully graduate from SLTC, you need to be preparing mentally, physically and emotionally. Even though SLTC will be with you, encouraging you every step of the way, it will take a high level of commitment and determination from you
to complete the CLP. Don’t be too modest when  lling out your paperwork, because we will be looking for an indication of
your commitment, dedication, and genuine interest in completing the program. This will help us to determine the level of energy and self-motivation you will bring to your endeavors here, in the classroom, in  eld training, and in seeking employment opportunities.
When the Rubber Meets the Road
We know that no two SLTC students or application are identical. As we review your application, we will pay careful a ention
to your unique character a ributes. We will be looking for integrity, how well you handle criticism and authority, your ability to work in a team environment, your work ethic, demonstration of self-control, and community reputation. By focusing on these a ributes we can evaluate what you’re really made of. In the end, that’s what will make the di erence between the student who makes it and the one who does not.
We Want You
One way or the other, all applicants will be personally contacted by a sta  member at SLTC. We will either congratulate you on your acceptance or ask you to re-apply to a future class if you are still interested in a ending SLTC.

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