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course descriptions
The Electrical Lineworker Program (ELP) is offered three terms per year. Students will participate in academic and  eld learning activities four to  ve days per week, Monday-Thursday and some Fridays, from 8:00am-4:30pm with a one hour lunch break.
Students will start each morning in the classroom from 8:00 am-10:20am, then work in the  eld every day from 10:30am-4:30pm. However, this schedule may change due to weather conditions, training requirements, etc. Additional time will be required during
ES 100 Electrical Systems
the 15-week program for CDL training, employer presentations, and other similar activities. The normal length of time to complete the ELP is 15 weeks, (four concurrent months) of full-time enrollment, which is approximately 500 clock hours. The program is not  exible enough to accommodate any part-time students.
All courses are rated 100 level courses, which are beginning level courses for apprentice lineworkers. SLTC does not teach courses above the 100 level during the ELP.
This course will educate students on the basics of the entire electrical system beginning with generation, through transmission, and distribution, all the way to the meter. Equipment, materials, tools, and construction methods will be taught in the classroom and reinforced in the  eld.
(25 clock hrs)
TR 100 Basic Transformers
This course will educate students on how transformers work, how they are manufactured, connected, and banked, how to read voltages, how to troubleshoot, etc. (25 clock hrs)
BE 100 Basic Electricity
This course covers practical, as well as mathematical (theoretical) applications of direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) electricity to give the students a good background of electrical concepts. The theoretical aspects will be related to the power system. (25 clock hrs)

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