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GR 100 Personal Protective Grounding
This course teaches the students the importance of properly grounding a de-energized power line when needed. The student will learn how to install personal protective grounds on overhead and underground systems. Both bracket and equipotential-zone grounding. (25 clock hrs)
RI 100 Rigging Fundamentals
This course will teach students how to tie knots, splice rope, install blocks and lines on power lines for hoisting purposes, along with calculating hook strain and haul line tension for safe working loads. (20 clock hrs)
CP 100 Career Planning & Strategies
This course helps the students identify various types of power companies by describing their structure. It also teaches them to effectively establish contact with potential employers, guides creation and submission of resumés and cover letters, and demonstrates how to effectively participate in an interview. (20 clock hrs)
Other Courses
Metering - 4 classroom hrs / 8  eld hrs (12 clock hrs) Underground - 4 classroom hrs / 6  eld hrs (10 clock hrs)
Field Competencies
In the  eld, students must complete competencies in order to receive a certi cate of completion. Students are instructed in each competency and then perform it when ready. Instructors evaluate students to ensure that they are performing the task satisfactorily. (300 clock hrs)
Certi cations & SpecializedTraining
OSHA 10-Hour Training - (10 clock hrs)
First Aid/CPR - (6 clock hrs)
NSC Flagger’s Cert. – 1 classroom hr / 2  eld hrs (3 clock hrs)
Pole-Top, Bucket Truck Rescue – 1 classroom hr / 2  eld hrs (3 clock hrs)
Class A CDL License – 8 classroom hrs / 8 hrs pre-trip and driving (16 clock hrs) Digger Derrick Quali cation - 6-8 online self-guided learning hrs / 12  eld hrs (18- 20 clock hrs)

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