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training environment
The objective of the Electrical Lineworker Program (ELP) is to provide the opportunity for students to embark on a meaningful and rewarding career in the electrical linework industry. This is accomplished by providing training methods that have proven to be extremely effective in preparing students to be highly successful employees. During the 15-week program, students will be trained in three educational areas listed below. Student/Teacher ratios during the  eld training environment are 16:1.
The  rst two hours of every 8-hour day will be spent in the classroom. Students spend approximately 180 hours learning various subjects at the introductory level including:
+ Rigging
+ Electrical Systems + Basic Metering
+ Basic Electricity
+ Substations
+ Career Planning & Strategies + System Operations
+ Personal Protective Grounding + LiveLineTools
+ Transformers
Students spend approximately 320 hours in the  eld performing various introductory training activities. To successfully complete the program, each student must demonstrate that they can perform nearly 90 different competencies.
For the better part of each 8-hour day, students will learn how to:
+ Climb wood poles and steel towers
+ Install crossarms and hardware on poles
+ Perform various underground tasks
+ Install conductors and pole-line equipment + Operate various tools and equipment

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