Page 32 - ELP Online Catalog 10-18-17
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facilities and equipment
SLTC has a main campus and an extension campus. Both campuses offer classroom and  eld training. The main campus features a 17,000 square foot two-story building, which includes of ces for administration and instructors, two large classrooms, computer lab/library, and a break room. The main campus also includes a 2,500 square foot lab and maintenance building as well as additional buildings for all digger derrick and bucket trucks and all storage for necessary tools and equipment.
The main campus building includes a large deck where students gather at the end of each day to discuss what tasks lay ahead. The deck opens up to the pole training yard and eight pole circles, where the training begins for each new group of students. Those individuals determined enough to make it through each rigorous day in the pole circles will then move on to  eld training, which spreads across both campuses.
The extension campus adds an additional 21 aces to SLTC. This property includes a 9,000 square foot administration building which includes two large state of the art classrooms, breakroom, heavy equipment and material storage, and of ce space. It also provides space for 5 pole circles, 5  eld training lines, an outdoor advanced underground training area, and crane practical preparation areas.

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