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graduation & rodeo
Only the most determined students make it to the event that has come to be known as their “ nal act” before they make their way into the electric industry as apprentice lineworkers. They all look forward to this last hoorah of their stay at Southeast Lineman Training Center - the Lineman’s Rodeo and Graduation Ceremony.
The rodeo encompasses four events that will exemplify some skills they have been learning: Pole-Top Rescue, Insulator Change Out, Egg Climb, and Grunt Bag Pull. Students are divided into four-man teams, performing every event. The scoring for each event is based on both the level of skill
at which each event is performed and the time it takes to do it. Those teams who perform without a mistake receive a perfect score. If more than one team gets a perfect skill score on the events, then the team with the lowest (quickest) time wins. The three teams with the best scores will be recognized at graduation. Other awards will also be given at graduation to recognize students for their work ethic and other attributes of their character. Friends and family members are encouraged to attend and get a small glimpse of what the students have learned during their 15 weeks of training. SLTC will send out more information prior to the events.
+ pole-top rescue
+ insulator change out + egg climb
+ grunt bag pull

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