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student services
Academic Advising
Private or group tutoring is provided on an “as needed” basis before or after school by faculty. Academic advising is facilitated through student evaluations. When a student fails to achieve the minimum 70% or better on a test, they will meet with their instructor and receive a written academic reprimand, as well as instruction on how to improve their future scores. Special appointments can be made by the student at any time to meet with an instructor to review his/her status and answer any questions they might have.
Personal Advising
SLTC provides a listing of local counseling of ces for those students that may be in need of professional help for various personal issues.
Placement Assistance
SLTC faculty and staff assist students with career opportunities in the electric utility industry at no additional cost. Employment opportunities typically occur in four ways.
1. Representatives from major utility companies, contractors and union organizations visit SLTC to speak to our students about possible job opportunities available throughout the region.
2. SLTC sends job openings from utility companies to students via email.
3. Upon request, students will be provided with a listing of major utility companies and contractors in the areas of the country where they are interested in working.
4. Students take the initiative to contact employers on their own.
SLTC does not guarantee graduates of this program employment directly or indirectly. It is the policy of Southeast Lineman Training Center to aid in the search and acquisition of employment for all graduates equally.

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