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job possibilities
Working Conditions
Linework is extremely challenging and interesting as the type of projects, conditions, and work locations change frequently. Linework is done in an outdoor environment subjected to various weather conditions such as extreme heat or cold, rain, sleet, wind and/or snow.
The work is done on both overhead and underground lines.The overhead work is typically done at heights above the ground ranging from 25 to 200 feet. Lineworkers are often on call at any hour to restore power, which can translate into frequent overtime and fatter paychecks.
Linework has a reputation of being hazardous; however, over the years, improved equipment, materials, and training have improved safety considerably. For employees who develop good safety habits, the hazard exposure is similar to other trades.
Pay and Bene ts
SLTC uses the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and contacts within the electrical construction and utility industry to gauge industry needs and salaries nationwide. For the amount of formal education required, pay for lineworkers is excellent and is actually one of the highest paying trades that exist.
Good News for Future Lineworkers
Currently, many of the existing lines are in need of replacement and maintenance. Population growth and the accompanying infrastructure will require additional lines and the reinforcement of existing lines. Both these elements generate the need for highly trained and quali ed workers. In addition, some companies expect 50% of their linemen to retire in the next 10 years.

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