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Current Opportunities
Linework offers considerable opportunities and a rewarding career whether you are employed with a contractor or a utility company. Advancement can be relatively quick as quali ed, trained workers with demonstrated skills are always in demand. Employees that continue their education and obtain degrees improve their opportunities to advance into management positions such as superintendents or directors. Companies will often offer tuition reimbursement to cover the expenses associated with the additional training. Even though women are currently a small minority in the line work industry, the ones that make it through the ELP  nd that they are highly sought after and have multiple employment opportunities.
Initially, if you are willing to travel and relocate, your opportunities increase dramatically. If you are focused on staying in one location or with one company you signi cantly limit your chances of employment. Once you have developed your skills and abilities and have gained experience, the opportunity to “settle down” in one location is more easily achieved. Our most successful graduates learn to be more concerned with where they end up rather than where they begin.
Successful completion of our educational objectives by students results in graduates that will be quali ed for a variety of positions including but not limited to the following:
+ apprentice lineworker + equipment operator
+ meter reading
+ groundman / helper + warehouse person + telecommunications

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