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basic requirements
Admission into the Electrical Lineworker Program (ELP) begins by individuals meeting four basic requirements for enrollment:
+ Must be at least 18 years of age by the beginning date of enrollment. + Must provide of cial high school transcript or GED.
+ Must pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examination
and have the physician sign the SLTC Doctor Release Form.
+ Must possess a valid driver’s license from the state in which you reside.
SLTC wants to make sure each student enrolled here will be highly successful in the ELP and enjoy a long and rewarding career after graduation. Enrollment packages are reviewed in detail and evaluated against our predetermined selection criteria to determine which applicants are a good  t for the program. There is no minimum GPA or test score required to secure your admission to SLTC. However, an assessment test may be required in some instances.
However, high school transcripts are a critical element in evaluation. Don’t be too modest when  lling out your paperwork, because we will be looking for an indication of your commitment, dedication, and genuine interest in completing the program. All applicants will be personally contacted by a staff member at SLTC to congratulate you on your acceptance.
All students enrolled in the ELP must maintain medical coverage during the entire term for which they are enrolled. Proof of coverage is not required with the application, but will be required in the form of a valid certi cate of medical coverage prior to the start of the term for which the student is applying.
If you do not currently have medical coverage, contact a medical coverage provider and ask about short-term medical coverage programs. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia has provided short-term coverage to many ELP students.
If you would like additional information, please contact a school representative.

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