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Call 706.657.3792 or go to LINEWORKER.COM to secure your spot.
We strive to make the enrollment process as straightforward as possible. SLTC staff members are available through phone and email to assist you every step of the way. Just go through these steps and return the packet to the admissions department at SLTC. We will contact you via email once we have reviewed it.
1. Read and sign the “Enrollment Agreement”.
2. Have two or more individuals complete the “Personal Recommendation” forms.
3. Sign the “Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement”.
4. Sign the “Transferability of Credit Form”.
5. Sign the “Medical Coverage Release Form”.
6. Visit your local physician and have them complete and sign the “Doctor Release Form”. (Steps 6 & 7 can be done by same physician)
7. Enclose a copy of the Medical Examination Report (DOT physical).
8. Have your school provide an of cial copy of your high school transcripts or your GED transcript.
9. Enclose a photocopy of your current valid driver’s license.
10. Enclose payment of $750 for the prepaid lab fee to SLTC.
11. Complete the “Student Housing List” with a $200 security deposit.
12. Please allow up to four weeks for noti cation of acceptance after submission of your enrollment packet.
12 steps to enrollment

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