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we are forged
This award was created to honor a great lineman, great author, and most importantly – a great man. William Wister Haines was a lineman  rst and foremost, but his love for writing eventually took him from the career that he loved to another he truly had a passion and gift for. Most men in the profession look to the character in “Slim” as the example of what it means to be called a lineman. It is for this reason that Southeast Lineman Training Center chose to honor the original “Slim”, Mr. William Wister Haines, by naming this very special award after him.
The SLTC “SLIM” William Wister Haines Award is the most prestigious award given to any SLTC student. Only one student in each SLTC session earns the right to be the recipient of it. The student that best demonstrates unrivaled knowledge, discipline and ability over his peers will be one of the proud few to receive this award.

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