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 Foxfire Concrete and Masonry Cleaners + Degreasers
Foxfire cleaners, degreasers, and efflorescence remover offer a unique blend of concrete, masonry, and surface preparation products for every project. They perform in even the most challenging environments by removing the toughest stains. Foxfire detergents can also assist the concrete professional with surface preparation on flooring projects to remove stains, oils, and grease before application of concrete stains or cementitious coatings.
Foxfire Cleaners + Degreasers
• Foxfire Heavy Duty Cleaner
• Foxfire Super Blue Cleaner & Degreaser
• Foxfire Restoration Detergent
• Foxfire Efflorescence Remover + Stain Remover • Foxfire Mold + Mildew Remover
Where to Use
• Concrete (Parking Structures, for example) • Masonry
• Precast Concrete
• Natural Stone
• Sand Stone
• Terrazzo
• Limestone
• Tile and Grout
• USDA Authorized for Meat & Poultry Facilities

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