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 Foxfire Products
Foxfire Enterprises, Inc. manufactures cleaning and waterproofing products for a wide variety of surfaces and applications. With a two-decade history of reliable performance, Foxfire products fall into four basic categories: cleaners, crystalline sealers/hardeners, repellents, and solvents.
Foxfire’s flagship line, including Foxfire Matrix ProTM crystalline waterproofing formulas and Foxfire sealers and stain repellents, address the intrusion of moisture and contaminants into concrete, masonry and stone. Our products have been used with consistent success to clean, rehabilitate and waterproof numerous building façades, industrial floors, parking decks, driveways, sidewalks, ramps, stairs, basements, tunnels, storage tanks, roofs, bridges and other structures. Foxfire products are used domestically and internationally at universities, hospitals, airports, factories, processing plants, amusement parks, power plants, utilities, office buildings, seawalls, docks, ramps, tunnels, tanks, hotels, apartments, condos, and warehouses.
Foxfire Culture We Sell SolutionsTM
Family owned and operated with a multi- generational investment in sustained future growth and long-term company stability.
Strong “quality first” emphasis on producing innovative, best-in-class, competitively priced cleaning, sealing and waterproofing products.
Solution-oriented team approach to addressing customer needs quickly and efficiently—from point of first contact through the successful conclusion of each project.
Sincere company-wide commitment to customer satisfaction honed over decades of collaboration with architects, engineers, contractors, property managers and property owners.
New factory, equipment, scientific testing and QA/QC protocols.

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