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                     We hold a stock of pressure gauges which are commonly used throughout fire sprinkler systems and manufactured to EN837-1 standards (1% or 1.6% accuracy).
All our gauges have brass (or stainless) wetted parts, stainless steel casing, pressure safety device and are glycerine-filled as standard.
Pressure Gauges
100mm (4”) gauges with 3/8” BSP bottom connection. Pressures held in stock are: 7, 11, 16, 25 and 40 bar
100mm compound/suction/vacuum gauges stocked: -1 to +1 bar and -1 to +2 bar
63mm (21⁄2”) gauges with 1⁄4” BSP bottom connection. Standard pressures held in stock are: 2, 4, 7, 11 and 20 bar
1/2” to 3/8” No Loss Connectors are also available from stock – our own robust high pressure design, with stainless parts in a brass body.
Gauge adaptors e.g. 1⁄2”-1⁄4”, 1⁄2”-3/8” are also readily available.
Calibration/certification of gauges is an almost daily requirement; we can certify any gauge to order, normally shipping the same day subject to cut-off time and quantity.
Other Options
• Many more sizes/ranges are available upon request.
• Gauges can be ordered with your own logo, subject to minimum order and lead times.
• For larger commitments, we can even create a call-off stock to suit your needs.

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