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                    SEP also manufactures and supplies a large range of spares and accessories including jockey & booster pumps, off-the-shelf compressors, pressure gauges, pressure switches, valves
of every type, orifice plates, flow meters and custom-built pipework. We are often challenged to source all manner of difficult and obscure items, using our expertise and many contacts
to succeed.
Although we are growing rapidly, we are still proud to be a small company with a dedicated, skilled and experienced workforce. This gives us our ability to react quickly and professionally to customer requirements, many of which go way beyond our ‘catalogue’.
Our Ethos: Responsive, Flexible and always High Quality. That’s our promise to our customers.
• We will always try to respond to enquiries, questions and requests quickly. And by quickly we mean hours, often minutes, but never days.
• Flexibility means having a ‘YES we can’ attitude. Give us a problem and we’ll create a solution, with you and for you, that works
• High quality has always been at the heart of everything we do. We are ISO9001 certified with annual audits by TUV, the UKAS accredited certification body.
Our Future: Our plans for the future are
as exciting as our past. We’re a modern, contemporary company that takes its lead from its customers, and keeps them regularly informed. You’ll continue to see positive changes, and these will lead to even better products and even better customer service.
We’re constantly improving and, where appropriate, adding to our expansive fire protection product range. From online to on-site, SEP is a traditional company that’s prepared for the future and for further success. 5

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