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Friday, November 29 to Friday, December 6, 2019 •  Watergate at Landmark Unit Owner Association
                                      COMMITTEE MEETINGS                              OFFICES CLOSE FOR
                                            Tuesday, December 3                  EMPLOYEE HOLIDAY PARTY
                                       Seniors, 2 p.m., Terrace Lounge
                                                                              All  offices  will  close  on  Friday,  December  5,
         *The schedule may                  A&E, 6 p.m., Library              from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. for the annual employee
             change.*                Covenants, 7 p.m., Conference Rm. 2      holiday party. Offices will reopen at 5 p.m.
                                           Thursday, December 5

      •Bldg.  1  HVAC/Fascia           Pet, 7:30 p.m., Conference Rm. 1               PACKAGE DELIVERY
       Project for Tiers 21, 23
       and  25  will  end  on      MAYOR                                                  SAFETY TIPS
       Monday, December 2.         WILSON                                     To  minimize  the  risk  of  having  your  package
                                                                              tampered with or stolen, it is suggested that you
      •Bldg.  1  HVAC/Fascia     COMES TO                                     retrieve packages as soon as they arrive. Many
       Project for Tiers 22, 24                                               companies offer tracking services to view your
       and will start Tuesday,      WAL!                                      package’s scheduled delivery time.
       December 10                  Monday,
                                   December 2                                 If  you  aren’t  going  to  be  home  to  retrieve  a
      •Bldg. 2’s Balcony Res-    Terrace Lounge                               package, consider using one of the tips below:
       toration for Tiers 8, 10     6:30 p.m.
       and 12 is in progress.                                                 • Send the package to a trusted designee whom
                                 This     coming                                you know will be present when it arrives.
                                 Monday, WAL will host the City of Alexandria’s   •  Request  the  delivery  company  to  hold  the
                                 Mayor,  Justin  Wilson,  at  a  special  Town  Hall   package.
                                 meeting.  He  will  discuss  topics  related  to   • Request your package be marked as “signature
                                 current  projects  in  the  City  as  well  as  future   required.”
                                 plans.  There  will  be  a  Q&A  segment  on  the   • Some stores allow you to
                                 topics  presented.  Residents  and  owners  are   order  from  them  and
          IMPORTANT              welcome and encouraged to attend.              pick it up in-store.

           CONTACTS                 BOD CANDIDATE PACKETS                     •  Receive  packages  at
                                                                                work  while  you  are
      Shuttle Bus Text Opt-In            ARE NOW ONLINE!                        there.
      Text “watergate” to        Board Candidate packets are downloadable from   • Fill out an authorization
                        To find such,   form  requesting  the
      FirstService Residential   click  on  Association  Documents,  then  click  on   package be delivered to
      703-385-1133               Annual Meeting. Hard copies are also available at   Resident   Services.

      Resident Services Office   the Association Office or Resident Services.    Packages must weigh no
      703-370-7000                                                              more  than  20  pounds
                                 Four open positions on the Board of Directors
      Gate Communications        will be filled at the 2020 Annual Meeting. Three   and  be  no  larger  than
      703-370-2674               candidates with the highest percentage of votes   12” x 18” x 24”.

      Activities Office          will  be  elected  to  three-year  terms.  One   STRANGERS AT THE DOOR?
      703-370-7092               candidate  with  the  next  highest  percentage  of
                                                                              The person waiting at your building’s entrance
      Lobby Entrance Camera      votes will serve a one-year term. All packets are   might look harmless, but looks can be deceiving.
      Comcast - 971              due by noon on Saturday, December 21, 2019.   Most of us don’t want to be rude, but as difficult
      Master Antenna - 3
                                    ANNUAL RE-REGISTRATION                    as it may be to refrain from holding a door, every
      WAL CCTV Channels                                                       resident is responsible for the security of their
      Comcast - 970                    BEGINS ON MONDAY!                      building  and  must  be  firm  about  keeping
      Master Antenna - 8         Get  your  vehicle  registrations,  pet  licenses,
                                                                              strangers  out.  If  you  are  asked  to  buzz  in
      Metro Water                current WAL IDs, and current amenities passes    someone you don’t know, simply advise them to
      703-461-3418               together!  Re-registration  starts  this  Monday,   contact the person they are visiting. If you feel

      Racquet Club               December 2, and continues through January 31,   threatened or are harassed, call Patrol Services
      703-370-7047               2020.  Save  yourself  the  increased  wait  times   immediately at 703-370-2674.
                                 and re-register ASAP!
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