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Friday, November 22 to Friday, November 29, 2019  •  Watergate at Landmark Unit Owner Association
                                     NO BOARD MEETING FOR                        THANKSGIVING DA Y  HOURS
                                              NOVEMBER                           THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 28
                                     The next Board Meeting will be on        Resident Services:    Closed
         *The schedule may                 Tuesday, December 17.
             change.*                                                         Association Office:     Closed

                                                                              Activities Office:    Closed
      •Bldg.  1  HVAC/Fascia        HALL
       Project for Tiers 21, 23                                               Shuttle Bus:          No Service
       and 25 continues.         WITH THE                                     Fitness Center:       4 a.m.  – midnight

      •Bldg. 2’s Balcony Res-      MAYOR                                      Indoor Pool:          10 a.m. – 10 p.m.
       toration for Tiers 8, 10     Monday,
       and 12 is in progress.     December 2                                  Racquet Club:         Closed
      •Line Striping continues       Lounge                                     WHO TO CALL WHEN WAL
       weather permitting.         6:30 p.m.                                             OFFICES CLOSE
                                 The  Watergate  at  Landmark  community  will   If  you  have  an  after-hours  maintenance
                                 host  the  City  of  Alexandria’s  Mayor,  Justin   emergency  i.e.  water  leak   in  your  unit,  call
                                 Wilson, at a special Town Hall meeting. He will   Patrol Services at 703-370-2674 for assistance.
                                 discuss topics related to current projects in the   You  may  also  call  this  number  for  after-hours
                                 City as well as future plans. There will be a Q&A   issues  such  as  spills  in  the  common  areas,
                                 segment on the topics presented. Residents and   suspicious activity, etc. Dial 911 in the case of a
                                 owners are welcome and encouraged to attend.   life-threatening emergency.

                                  BOARD CANDIDATE PACKETS
          IMPORTANT                    ARE NOW AVAILABLE!                      SEASONAL DÉCOR
           CONTACTS              Four open positions on the Board of Directors     REMINDERS
                                 will be filled at the 2020 Annual Meeting. Three   Tis  the  season!  Seasonal
      Shuttle Bus Text Opt-In                                                 door    decorations   are
      Text “watergate” to        candidates with the highest percentage of votes   permitted without the need
      844-612-2165               will  be  elected  to  three-year  terms.  One
                                 candidate  will  be  elected  to  a  one-year  term.   to  submit  an  application  as
      FirstService Residential                                                long  as  such  meet  the
      703-385-1133               Turn in  applications before noon on Saturday,   following criteria per PR 102:
                                 December 21, 2019.
      Resident Services Office                                                •  The decorations are only on the door and do
      703-370-7000               Electronic  copies  of  the  Board  Candidate    not unduly protrude into the corridor.
                                 packages are available. To find such, log onto the
      Gate Communications                                                     •  The decorations do not make any sound.
      703-370-2674               FSR  Connect  website.  Click  on  Association   •  The decorations are not attached in a way
                                 Documents,  then  click  on  Annual  Meeting. Hard   that damages the finish on the door.
      Activities Office
      703-370-7092               copies are also available at the Association Office   •  Decoration  must  be  of  a  seasonal  or
                                 or Resident Services.                            celebratory  nature  and  may  not  be
      Lobby Entrance Camera                                                       combustible  nor  include  overtly  political
      Comcast - 971                 ANNUAL RE-REGISTRATION
      Master Antenna - 3                                                          messages,   partisan   endorsements   or
                                            STARTS SOON!                          business advertisements.
      WAL CCTV Channels                                                       •  Decoration size cannot exceed 24” x 24”.
      Comcast - 970              Get  your  vehicle  registrations,  pet  licenses,
      Master Antenna - 8         current WAL IDs, and current amenities passes    Also as a reminder, no sign of any character shall
                                 together! WAL will offer registration beginning   be posted or displayed in public view from any
      Metro Water                December  2  and  continuing  through  January
      703-461-3418                                                            condominium  unit  as  well  as  upon  or  in  any
                                 31,  2020.  It  will  be  about  60  days  of  re-  common  element  or  limited  common  element
      Racquet Club               registration. Avoid the long lines and re-register
      703-370-7047                                                            without  the  prior  written  consent  of  the
                                 as soon as possible!                         Covenants Committee.
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