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                         Friday, February 8 to Friday, February 15, 2019


           SAVE THE                      COMMITTEE MEETINGS                     MEET YOUR 2019 BOARD
       DATE FOR THE                         Tuesday, February  12                  CANDIDATES AT NEXT
                                             Social, 6 p.m., Conference Rm. 2
        2019 BOARD                          Covenants, 7 p.m., Conference Rm. 2   TUESDAY’S TOWN HALL
                                                                                        Tuesday, February 12
       OF ELECTIONS                        Wednesday, February 13                     Terrace Lounge • 7:30 p.m.
                                           Landscape, 11 a.m., Conference Rm. 2
            EVENTS!                           PRC, 7 p.m., Conference Rm. 2    Meet the following candidates for the three vacancies

                                                                               available on the WAL Board of Directors for 2019:
                                                                                 1. Timothy McLendon  4. Eileen Greenberg
      Meet the Candidates Town Hall     ARE YOU GOING TO THE                     2. James Samans     5. Abed Benzina
      •  Tuesday, February 12, 7:30 p.m.,                                        3. Stephanie Lowe
         Terrace Lounge                 UPCOMING TOWN HALL?
                                              Thursday, February 21
      Lobby Voting                            Terrace Lounge • 7 p.m.             DON’T GET THE BOOT:
      •  Tuesday, February 19, 5 – 7 p.m.,   All unit owners are encouraged to attend the upcom-  DISPLAY YOUR CURRENT
         Bldgs. 1 and 2                ing  Town  Hall.  The  topic  for  discussion  is  Policy
      • Wednesday, February 20,        Resolution #3 - Administrative Resolutions (AR). An   VEHICLE DECAL!
        5 – 7 p.m., Bldgs. 3 and 4     AR addresses the internal operations of the Associa-  As a reminder, vehicles not displaying current WAL
                                       tion. Examples include operating procedures, collec-  decals risk immobilization starting Monday, February
      Community Happy Hour Voting      tion procedures, and the location of Board Meetings.   11. If this happens you will be charged a $50 booting
      •  Friday, February 22, 7 – 9 p.m.,                                       fee.  Don’t  delay!  Put  your
         Terrace Lounge                PRESIDENTS’ DAY HOURS                    current  decal,  complete  re-

      42nd Annual Meeting               MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18                     registration, or contact Patrol
                                                                                Services today!
      •  Monday,  March  4,  7:30  p.m.,   RESIDENT SERVICES AND ASSOCIATION
         Terrace Lounge
                                      OFFICES:  Regular Business Hours
                                                                                 TAX BASIS LETTER NOW
                                      ACTIVITIES OFFICE: Closed                            AVAILABLE
       IMPORTANT CONTACTS               SHUTTLE BUS: Holiday (Saturday) Schedule

                                                                                Each year our auditor, Goldklang Group CPAs, PC
       Shuttle Bus Text Opt-In        FITNESS CENTER: 4 a.m. to midnight        provides a tax basis letter with a figure for unit owners
       Text “Watergate” to 313131       INDOOR POOL HOURS: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.    to use to make potential increases to the tax basis of
       FirstService Residential                                                 their units. A copy of this document may be picked up
       703-385-1133 or 540-891-8677   RACQUET CLUB HOURS: 3 to 9 p.m.           at the Resident Services desk or downloaded online at
       Resident Services Office                                         Click  on  the
       703-370-7000                             WATCH OUT!                      Resource  Documents  tab  and  select  Other  Helpful
       Gate Communications            Residents  have  complained  on  several  occasions   Documents. Then look under the Financial heading to
                                                                                find the link for that document.
       703-370-2674                   about children rough housing and running inside the
       Activities Office              Community Center. This is not only a safety hazard   MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE
       703-370-7092                   for all involved but it also creates tension amongst
                                                                                           & UPDATES
       Lobby Entrance Door Camera     residents. Please refer to PR 86 (Restated Rules for   *Note that this schedule is subject to change*
       Comcast - 971                  the Use of the Building Lobbies, Terrace Lounge,
       Master Antenna - 3             Blue Room, Lower Terrace, and TV Room), availa-    •HVAC/Fascia  Project
                                      ble at
       WAL CCTV Channels                                                        on Tiers  02,  10  and
       Comcast - 970                  Our community has many places to relax after a long   12 of Building 4 con-
       Master Antenna - 8             day. Encourage  the residents under your care to join   tinue this week.
                                      you at the pool, play basketball, go on the playground
       Metro Water                    or any other recreational area we have in our commu-

       703-461-3418                   nity. Thank you for your cooperation!
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