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Entrance Assessments | Standard of Attainment
 The majority of boys enter the school at age 7, but entry is also possible into most year groups each September, and on occasion during the school year.
Boys are assessed for entry to the school at each age group. At 7+ Warwick Preparatory School boys are assessed internally. External candidates at 7+, 8+ and 9+ sit online tests in Maths and in English (covering spelling, punctuation and grammar, together with reading comprehension); and do a short, handwritten Creative Writing exercise.
For Creative Writing the boys are placed in groups of about 8 to 12 with a member of staff. Discussion of tasks is encouraged to stimulate the boys and help the member of staff create a profile of pupils’ strengths.
The assessments take place week commencing 11 January 2021.
Choral Scholarships
The standard of attainment for Maths and English for each age group is based on the National Curriculum end of year expectations for the year in which the candidate is at the time of assessment, as follows:
7+ standard based on Year 2 expectations 8+ standard based on Year 3 expectations 9+ standard based on Year 4 expectations
We recommend the use of the Bond series of Maths and English workbooks (appropriate to age) if you wish to look at practice questions.
Further information can be found on our website School-Admissions
 Two Choral Scholarships may be awarded each year to boys, aged between 7 and 11 years on 1st September, who are either entering or who are in attendance at Warwick Junior School and are selected for the Choir of St. Mary’s Collegiate Church, Warwick. A Scholarship is valid for the duration of a chorister’s career in both Warwick School and St. Mary’s Collegiate Church Choir unless he is awarded a Governors’ Scholarship, Bursary or other remission of fees on entry to the Senior School in which case the value of the Scholarship is reviewed. An ex-chorister is awarded a pension of not less than half of the Choral Scholarship originally awarded while still a member of Warwick School, for a period of time not exceeding the period of time that he had held the Choral Scholarship. The values of Scholarships and Pensions are reviewed annually in the light of changes in school fees.
An application must be completed and a form can be either downloaded from the school website or a copy requested from the admissions team.

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