Page 7 - Junior School Admissions Booklet 2020_2021
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The boys build upon their work from Year 3 and study the range of text genres. Reading and comprehension continue to play an important part in the English curriculum. The gradual introduction of more complex texts further develops these skills and contributes to an ever increasing vocabulary. Writing is closely linked to language work and purpose and audience are considered when different styles of writing are introduced. The boys are encouraged to write in more detail and different forms of sentence structure, paragraphing and punctuation are studied. The Performing Arts curriculum allows the study of play scripts and a performance of a play in the Lent term provides a wonderful opportunity for the boys to show off their acting skills.
All the Year 3 work is consolidated. The four rules are reinforced with larger numbers including long multiplication. Other topics include: money, equivalent fraction, area and perimeter, averages and problem solving. The boys learn how to collect data using a tally chart and displaying the data on a bar graph. Mental arithmetic is practised throughout the year.
Greater emphasis is placed on investigation and the development of understanding causes and effects. Topics covered are: bones, skeleton and muscles; thermal and electrical insulators and conductors; electricity and circuits; friction, air and water resistance; solids, liquids and dissolving; habitats, adaptation and food chains; ‘mini- beasts’.
E-safety; programming with Scratch: developing an educational game and creating a simulation; data analysis and interpretation in Excel and presenting information using PowerPoint: creating weather forecasts; using online tools to communicate: collaborative creation and editing of a class Wiki; learning about HTML and making a webpage.
Ancient Greece; the Romans in Britain; the impact of the Anglo-Saxons on Britain.
North and South America; a UK regional study; volcanoes and earthquakes.
Religious Education
Beliefs and practices in Judaism; Christmas; Passover; Easter and forgiveness; Commitment.
Art, Design and Technology, French, Games, Music, Performing Arts, Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education and Physical Education complete the curriculum.

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