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 Cover story
A life-changing incident hit closer to home than he could ever have predicted. Eight years ago, David, who is Christian’s brother and best friend, was swimming with mates when a jump into the water had life-changing consequences.
“David was about 22 when he dived into the water at the beach, something he’d done a thousand times before,” Christian explains. “This time though, it was different.”
At the time, David was social and sporty. He was a fierce competitor in national swimming titles. He was also completing a construction and building course at TAFE.
David hit a sandbar. The impact to his spine was with the full force of gravity.
After 10 years as an occupational therapist, a career in the care industry took on a new focus
for Christian, Franchise Owner of Just Better Care Melbourne Bayside.
The jump resulted in C5 and C6 quadriplegia, a six-month hospital rehabilitation stay and the reality that David would spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.
For many people like David, so focused on sport and activity, it would be almost impossible to imagine what shape the future would take. Life as he knew it had stopped in its tracks.
Eight years on, Christian explains that his brother’s attitude has been incredible. He says that David is more socially active than ever,
is passionate about fishing and even works
in the building industry.

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