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Brian and Joseph enjoying the accessible Sensory Park at Burton Center which is open to the public.
and practicing the skills necessary for self-sufficiency. The agency has served 400 individuals, providing 20,000 bed nights of service. They encourage the community
to partner with them in this needful endeavor to care for the least of those among us. For more information, please contact them at (864) 223-4460.
The mission statement of First Baptist Church
is: “Seeking His Heart...Being His Hands: Living, Loving, and Serving in the name of Christ.” We seek the heart of Jesus through a relationship with Him;
that relationship, in turn, leads to being His hands in Greenwood and beyond. In addition to a passion for missions, First Baptist manifests itself in worship, which is both traditional and joyful. We endorse time-honored Baptist principles like the lordship of Christ and local church autonomy, but we are progressive in accepting any
Main Street United Methodist Church James McCoy-Bruce 211 N. Main St. Greenwood, SC 29646 (864) 229-7551
Matt Alley
1306 SC-72 Bypass NE Greenwood, SC 29649 (864) 889-0000 greenwood
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church Timothy Tebalt
915 Mathis Rd. Greenwood, SC 29649 (864) 223-8410
Restoration Worship Center
Renee Robinson
1510 Evans Pond Rd. Greenwood, SC 29649 (864) 229-4499 rwcofgreenwood.
South Main St. Baptist Church
Andy Roberson
1000 Main St. S. Greenwood, SC 29646 (864) 223-4377
First Presbyterian Church
form of Christian baptism and affirming both women and men in all leadership roles. If you are looking for a caring, serving community, please visit First Baptist Church at 722 Grace Street, Greenwood, SC 29649-2133 or call (864) 229- 5557.
Episcopal Church of the Resurrection Nicholas Beasley
700 Main St. S. Greenwood, SC 29646 (864) 223-5426
David Jennings
722 Grace St. Greenwood, SC 29649 (864) 229-5557
First Baptist Church Sanctuary
Calvary Baptist Church
Kevin Hembree
2775 Montague Ave. Ext. Greenwood, SC 29649 (864) 229-6553
EastSide Baptist Church
Donald Ramsey
1908 Hwy. 72-221 E. Greenwood, SC 29649 (864) 229-1414
NewSpring Church
First Baptist Church
Kyle Hite
108 Cambridge Ave. E. Greenwood, SC 29646 (864) 229-5814
Harris Baptist Church
Frank Thomas
300 Center St. Greenwood, SC 29649 (864) 223-8591

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