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Residents, as well as our many visitors, have an array of professional health care providers that would rival any community of our size. Boasting a mega hospital with their impressive network, a major rehabilitation center, an incredible medical research facility and countless specialty
medical facilities with quality senior care centers, makes Greenwood a place of choice. Even more impressive is the capital investments our medical community continues to make with new facilities, expansions and services.
Not only do our health professionals offer excellent treatment for your physical needs, they also understand that your emotional and psychological needs are just as important. Peace-of-mind is enjoyed by our residents knowing that no matter the ailment or procedure, the health care they receive will be from facilities whose medical advances have been revered by health care professionals throughout the state of South Carolina and in the United States.
S elf Regional Healthcare, formerly Self Memorial Hospital, was
built in 1951 to be one of the most advanced hospitals in the country. Local business leader and philanthropist James C. Self personally oversaw its construction and recruited top physicians from across the United States. Mr. Self ’s commitment to advanced care with leading- edge technology continues today. His original vision has evolved with the times as the hospital has grown into a major referral and medical center providing advanced healthcare services to a population of more than a quarter of a million people throughout the Lakelands of South Carolina.
Ground view of Self Regional Healthcare as it stands today with new improvements.
Compare photos of the original hospital with how it stands today, and you’re sure to see the many changes that have taken place on the Self Regional campus. Hospital renovation is not the only expansion made to the organization in recent years; the network of care has dramatically expanded to include the Cancer Center, Heart and Vascular Center, Neurosurgery and Spine Center, Orthopedics and Joint Center, Women and Children’s Center, Optimum Life Center, Montgomery Center, Family Medicine Residency Program, and much more. In fact, just in the last two years, Self Regional has significantly increased the network of primary care, specialists and hospital based physicians working together to provide convenient
and comprehensive care to the Lakelands. The network now includes: Advanced Cardiology Associates, Orthopaedic
Heart Surgery Team - The heart sur- gery team of Self Regional Healthcare pose for a photo in the operating room with Dr. Michael Zhadkevich and Dr. Claudio Guareschi.
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